Pfizer the wrong prescription

Stop Pfizer
British science is world class.  It improves public health.  It creates decent jobs.
And the workers of AstraZeneca want to keep it that way
That is why the workers cannot support the efforts by US pharmaceutical company Pfizer to consume the company they've worked so hard to make a global leader. 6,700 work at AstraZeneca.  They ensure it contributes billions to the UK economy, and develops vital life-giving drugs.
Pfizer cuts jobs; look at its record, it has already shed 2,000 top skilled UK jobs. The ‘guarantees' Pfizer proposes are only short-term; they could evaporate at any moment. 
Pfizer's bid is motivated by two things: access to AZ's cancer drugs and tax avoidance.
This is the wrong prescription for our country
We expect the UK government to cheerlead for British science, British skills and British jobs. That's why the workers at AstraZeneca say to David Cameron and his cabinet: “Choose your side.” 
British workers deserve the support of their government; were this bid for a French and German based company, those governments would not hesitate. It is time for prime minister David Cameron to step up. Come down on the side of the national interest. Come out clearly for AstraZeneca.
Please support us as we fight to keep AstraZeneca working for Britain.  Please contact your MP today on 020 7219 3000 and urge them to fight for AstraZeneca.

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