No to the Trade Union Bill - email your MP

No to TU bill headerYour member of parliament has voted on the Trade Union bill – make your voice heard and tell them this bill and the government's proposals are a threat to all of our rights at work. We need to get as many people as possible to contact their MPs. The bill returns to the Commons on 27 April 2015 so email your MP now. 

There is some suggested text below to get you started, but you can edit it and add your own personal experience. Your personal experiences are likely to make the most impact on your MP, so think about explaining your reasons for being a member of a trade union and why you feel trade unions are so important below. You should say why this means your MP should protect your right to strike and your rights at work, and vote and lobby to stop the Trade Union bill. 

Stopping this bill is going to take all of us so lobby your MP below – it takes 30 seconds!

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