Lobby your MP say NO to the trade union bill

No to the trade union billDefend your trade union rights -  defend your trade union

Couldn’t make the lobby of parliament on Monday 2 November? Then you can still take part in the virtual lobby  and challenge your MP to back union rights online.  There are three key ways to contact your MP and raise your concerns about the trade union bill. The next stage of the bill is the third reading on 10 November. So why not lobby your MP now. 

Option 1: Lobby via email
You can email your MP, simply click the widget below, type in your postcode and fill out your personal message to your MP. You can also use the provided sample text or write your own personal message but make sure you ask your MP to confirm their position and whether they oppose the bill. 

Option 2: Tweet a message
Why not Tweet a simple message to your MP calling on them to oppose the bill and back workplace rights. Once you've entered your postcode simply click the Twitter button and your message will open up in a new window  (provided your MP is on Twitter) with your MP's handle . You can either send the Tweet or add your own message. If you want to keep up the pressure there's also a selection of Tweets you can push out to your followers as well as your MP. 

Option 3: Tweet a picture
Or why not Tweet a picture to your MP, simply select one of these images and post it on your timeline using the Tweet your MP widget below (provided your MP is on Twitter), you can write your own message but remember to ask them to oppose the #TUbill

Get started. Simply enter your postcode in the MP look up box below. 

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Help spread the campaign - please use these memes and spread the word by posting them on your social media networks.

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TU Bill meme 2

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Sample Tweets taking on the #TUbill

Want to get the message out on social media on Monday 2 November? Then why not share these sample Tweets with your followers and your MP and keep up the pressure on the trade union bill.  Remember, if you want to Tweet your MP then simply scroll up to the 'MP look up tool' above and enter your postcode, and if you are logged in to Twitter clicking the Tweet your MP button will get the ball rolling. Here are twelve Tweets to spread the message that the trade union bill is a bad bill.

The #TUbill is a bad bill | 77% agree trade unions are essential to protect workers’ interests.Say NO to the #TUbill

The #TUbill is a bad bill | 77% of adults agree unions are essential to protect workers’ interests. Say NO to the #TUbill

The #TUbill is a bad bill | Please back the #RightToStrike & say NO to the #TUbill

The #TUbill is a bad bill | Draconian restrictions on picketing will push people outside of the law & say NO to the #TUbill

The #TUbill is a bad bill | Why is workplace balloting not acceptable? Say YES to democracy & NO to the #TUbill

The #TUbill is a bad bill | With strikes at record lows why is this bill necessary? Say NO to the #TUbill

The #TUbill is a bad bill | The #TUbill will make industrial relations worse not better. Say NO to the #TUbill

The #TUbill is a bad bill | A threat to all our rights at work – here’s why: 

The #TUbill is a bad bill | Watch: The Nazis made trade unionists wear armbands - resist the #TUbill

The #TUbill is a bad bill | The number of working days lost to strike action is at an all-time low. Say NO to the #TUbill  

The #TUbill is a bad bill | A threat to all our rights at work. Get involved with the campaign -