Pay up for local authority workers

Council and school workers have lost a staggering 21 per cent of their take home pay since 2010. It means thousands of families are struggling to make ends meet, turning to food banks to put food on the table.

The local authorities pay offer means another two years of real terms pay cuts and falls short of the 5 per cent rise that is needed.  For most people the pay offer will only be 2 per cent this year and 2 per cent next year.  At a time of rising inflation, this means another two years of falling pay.

It’s time our dedicated council workers and school workers got the decent properly funded pay rise they deserve.

  • VOTE NO and reject the pay offer to secure a return to negotiations for better pay
  • VOTE NO and reject the pay offer to secure more funding from central government to end cuts to pay and services 
  • Don’t delay, vote now and VOTE NO! Voting in the pay ballot closes on Friday 9 March. If you have not received your ballot paper please contact Nick Drysdale.

Our claim is for:

The deletion of NJC Spinal Column Points (SCP) 6-9 to reach the Living Wage Foundation wage of £8:45 (UK) and £9:75 (London) and a 5 per cent increase on all NJC pay points.

What you can do 

  • VOTE NO to reject the pay offer if you are a local authority worker
  • Ask your workmates to VOTE NO
  • Tell us how falling pay has affected you and why you have VOTED NO, use the form below.