Local government workers fair pay

We've submitted our pay claim for £1 an hour more with the employers. The fight to get local government workers fair pay, for a fair day's work goes on. 

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The employers offer for NJC Green Book 2014 is 1% for those on pay points 11 and above - that is 1.8% below inflation.

To avoid falling below the National Minimum Wage in 2014 and 2015 the employers have had to increase the lower pay points by more than 1%.

•    £580 on pay point 5    £6.85 an hour
•    £550 on pay point 6    £6.82 an hour
•    £400 on pay point 7    £6.90 an hour
•    £275 on pay point 8    £7.05 an hour
•    £200 on pay point 9    £7.22 an hour
•    £175 on pay point 10  £7.35 an hour

This still leaves thousands of members earning less than the Living Wage and local government workers as the lowest paid across the public sector. This offer does nothing to address the 18% you have lost in earnings since 2010 and the gap in pay of over £2000 you have suffered since 2010.

Unite is carrying out a postal consultative ballot and we are urging you to vote NO and REJECT this derisory offer.

The ballot papers will be sent out on 9/10 April and the ballot will close on 30 April.

Please use this poster in your workplaces and encourage all your members to VOTE NO and prepare to take Action for Fair Pay.

Tell your MP that holding down your pay is bad for workers and bad for the economy. Ask them to support Unite’s public sector pay pledge.

Unite has made it easy, simply enter your postcode below and click submit to send your MP an email. We’ve drafted some text but do change it as sending a personalised message is more powerful.

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More action on pay

1. Email Sir Merrick Cockell - ask the LGA chairman to support fair pay

2. Send your councillors a £1 an hour more postcard - you've earned it

3. Put up a poster in your workplace - you deserve a pay rise

4. Your pay, your say - share your stories

5. Join Unite - get your colleagues to join us

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