I Daniel Blake

Please go and see this film - and then take action!

 I, Daniel Blake tells the story of 59 year old joiner, Daniel and Katie, a young mother, caught up in the web of the uncaring benefits’ system, played out against the rhetoric of ‘striver and skiver’ in modern day Britain.

This film is incredibly timely.  It lays bare the human cost of the Conservative party’s attack on our social security system – and it matters to each and every one of us because more and more people are being left without a penny.  Yes, even those in work will be targeted too.  

With the roll out of Universal Credit (UC) upwards of 11 million part time workers could face being sanctioned under draconian new rules which force recipients of Tax Credits and Housing Benefit to constantly look for more hours and better paid work.


We are all Daniel Blake

Our hope is that this film will spark a national debate and build public support for a fairer social security system for people in and out of work - just like Ken Loach's Cathy Come Home shifted the political agenda on housing in this country in the 1960s.

The scary thing is that what happens to Daniel could happen to anyone of us. How would you cope with being made redundant? Or falling ill? How long would your savings last? The British welfare state has helped millions of people get back on their feet in times of need - a safety net for those that fall on hard times - to need it isn't a moral failing #WeAreAllDanielBlake.

Take action

1. Please go and see this film - and tell your friends to see it too, on general release on 21 October.

2. Share your story - if you've ever been sanctioned or affected by any of the issues in I,Daniel Blake then we want to hear from you. Please share your story in the form below. 

3.Tell a Tory to see this film - every single MP needs to see this film, (particularly the Tories!). Help them understand that our benefits' system isn't working. Email and tweet yours now, enter your postcode below to get started. 

4. Unite Community has been campaigning against benefit sanctions right from the start -to find out more about the campaign visit the NoSanctions page.

5. Spread the message on social media- everybody needs to see this film. Join the conversation on the I, Daniel Blake Facebook and Twitter pages tagging #WeareallDanielBlake

MP look up

If you've been affected by any of the issues in I, Daniel Blake, had your benefits suddenly stopped then please take a minute to share your story with us. We need to show that the government's cruel benefits system is degrading and humiliating and is hurting real people.