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Tale of 2 cities headerLondon hotels are among the most expensive in the world. But life working inside these luxurious establishments is not all it’s cracked up to be. Poverty wages and gruelling workloads mean that many workers are barely scratching a living.

Unite member,Barbara Pokryszka is an artist and former hotel worker, she has turned her experience of working as a room attendant into a powerful graphic novel, called ‘Tale of Two Cities.’

Over the four years that Barbara worked as a room attendant she reckons she cleaned upwards of 15,000 rooms - averaging between 13 and 18 rooms a shift. The pressure was immense - for all her hard word Barbara was paid the minimum wage and if she didn't finish her rooms in time, she would have to work until she did, unpaid. 

'Tale of Two Cities' is the story of the exploitation of hotel workers at the fictitious 'Great Hotel' and how they get organised with Unite on their side.

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Join us in Brighton - 27 September 2015

Unite will launch Barbara's graphic novel at the Labour Party conference on Sunday 27 September at the Victory Pub in Brighton from 18:00 to 21:00. All are welcome, come and have a drink with the artist and listen to hotel workers share their stories. 

Victory Pub, 6 Duke Street, Brighton BN1 1AH

From Monday 5 October UniteLive will begin serialising the graphic novel over a number of weeks. Make sure to check in to get your daily update of the hotel workers' story and how they get organised to win.

Download a flyer for the event here

What you can do?

Unite Hotel Workers branch is turning up the HEAT -Hotel Employee Action Teams - for union power and the Living Wage - organising to win!

If you work in a hotel then we want to hear from you. Come along to our monthly hotel workers' meeting 5pm on the last Monday of every month. Contact Ewa Jasiewicz or ring her on 07903 371 909. Because together we're stronger. 

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