Hotel workers deserve a living wage

Melia web bannerUnite is turning up the heat on the global hotel chain Melia Hotels International, owners of the five star ME London Hotel in the Strand and the White House Regents Park over its refusal to recognise the union in breach of its own globally signed agreements. Once we get recognition we can help our members get their fair tips and respect! 

London in the 21st century is home to the global super rich, but it continues to keep hospitality workers on poverty pay and zero hours contracts - never knowing what they will earn from week to week. If Melia thinks it can get away with treating our members badly it's got another thing coming! 

We have a simple message for Melia; respect our union now and give our members the respect and dignity they deserve!

Take action now 

Send an email to the head of HR at Melia Hotels International. It's quick and easy. Simply click on the link. We've drafted a message, all you need to do is press send!

Click the link below to email Melia Hotels

Email Melia Hotels a #FairTips message

Respect our union

Not only is Melia reneging on its international commitments, it's not playing fair on tips

Unite lifted the lid on yet another tipping abuse scandal when it revealed that STK London, the upmarket steakhouse restaurant inside the ME London Hotel, was using the service charge to top up the salaries of four senior managers by tens of thousands of pounds a year each, as reported in the Evening Standard.

Like most people we believe that tips and the service charge should go to waiting and kitchen staff - and not be used to cover everything from managers bonuses to breakages and till shortages.Find out more about Unite's Fair Tips campaign here.

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