Hotel workers deserve better

London hotel workers logoIs London the world's most unethical tourist destination? 

Overworked, underpaid and undervalued, London hotel workers are speaking out. 

Unite has launched a report into London's unethical hotel sector, using the stories of hotel workers, Unite members in their own words to expose the shockingly shameful work practices that have been allowed to flourish unchecked in the multi-billion hotel industry.


READ: Unethical London report

Now we are serving notice on the global hotel chains. STOP giving London a bad name and start treating your workforce with dignity and respect. STOP denying workers their basic human and trade union rights and start living up to your commitments.

We are calling for the adoption of a set of 'City Wide Principles' to stamp out bad practice once and for all.

Please sign our petition below to the top bosses of the global hotel chains operating in London. Join our call for an end to shameful work practices



Sign the petition

Respect our union

Whether you're staying in a hotel or not here are a few things you can to do:

1. Beware of the service charge - many hotels add discretionary service charges to restaurant, bar or room service bills. But there's no guarantee that any of it goes to staff. If in doubt tip in cash

2. Please don't leave your room in too much of a mess - London hotels are setting increasingly punishing productivity targets. They can't leave until they're met

3. If you receive a feedback card when you check out, please add a comment that as a guest you support Unite's call for all London hotels to pay staff at least the London Living Wage of £9.40 an hour and respect union rights

4. Work in the hotel sector? then we want to hear from you. Contact us. Get organised with Unite on your side.

5. Follow Unite hotel workers branch on Facebook and Twitter

6. Not in a union? then join Unite. Your union. Your voice

Like most people we believe that tips and the service charge should go to waiting and kitchen staff - and not be used to cover everything from managers bonuses to breakages and till shortages.Find out more about Unite's Fair Tips campaign here.

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