Gatwick Airport Pension Snatchers

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You have worked hard all your life. You deserve a secure retirement.Gatwick Airport Ltd (GAL)'s decision to close your final pension salary scheme is robbing you of a secure future. Don’t let them get away with it. 

Please read: Important message from your union 31/10/2016 in response to GAL's written threat to withdraw offers 1 and 2.

Vote YES for industrial action

Giving up your defined benefits (DB) scheme in exchange for the GAL’s far less generous defined contribution (DC) scheme could cost you tens of thousands of pounds in future retirement income, at a time of soaring profits and massive shareholder pay-outs. 

GAL claims that the DB scheme is unaffordable, that the pension deficit is too great. But its cries of poverty simply don’t ring true. Last year it raked in record profits of £142.5m, up 40 per cent on the previous year and has paid over £178m to shareholders since 2014. It can well afford to keep a DB scheme open.

Your reps and union are committed to fighting for you and your pension. Unite has tabled a costed and sustainable alternative proposal to keep a DB scheme open and improve the current DC scheme. We will continue to press the company to extend the 60 day consultation period. But GAL’s stonewalling has left us with no other option than to ballot you for industrial action to defend your pension from attack. 

Ballot papers for Unite members working at Gatwick are landing on doormats from Monday 31 October. You are being asked to vote for strike action and action short of strike to defend your pension from attack. 

Take a stand to stop the pensions' robbery -make sure to return your ballot paper no later than Wednesday 16 November. If you haven't received a ballot paper by Friday 4 November please contact Chris Harris, Penny Fuller or the Unite Crawley office at or phone 01293 613 795

A cut in your future pension is no different from a cut in your wage packet. Vote YES for industrial action to protect your future. 


  1. VOTE YES to defend your pension - return your ballot paper no later than Wednesday 16 November

  2. Spread the word - speak to your colleagues about why their vote matters. Put up a poster on your noticeboard at work. Hand out the flyer. Ask your Unite rep for a supply

  3. Are your contact details up-to-date? Go to the Unite login page, enter your email address and password, or activate your account - it only takes a minute. You can find your membership number on your membership card

  4. Not in a union? then join Unite today
  5. Stay tuned for updates - check out this campaign page for the latest updates and follow us on Twitter and Facebook, using #DefendGALpensions

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