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Fair Transport Europe roundel From buses, trains and planes to haulage, taxis and waterways, transport workers keep the UK and Europe on the move. But across the UK and Europe transport workers are being pushed to work harder, faster and for less money, while being played off against one another through unfair competition. 

It’s time to stop this race to the bottom and undercutting of wages, terms and conditions in the transport sector in the UK and Europe. Whether it is buses, trains or haulage, transport companies should be competing on quality of services, not cutting corners and worsening working conditions. It’s not only bad for workers, but it’s bad for consumers and passengers too.

Fight for a fairer deal

Many transport companies operating in the UK also operate across Europe in a common market. This means that EU action can help stop the race to the bottom in the UK and across Europe. 

The Unite backed European Citizens’ Initiative called ‘Fair Transport Europe’ aims to do just this by calling on the European Commission to ensure fair competition in transport and to guarantee equal treatment of workers. 

Putting pressure on the European Commission to introduce minimum standards can stop wages being undercut and services deteriorating in the UK and in Europe.

This Fair Transport campaign has become significantly more important, in the wake of Brexit. Any negotiations on the UK’s withdrawal from Europe will be based on what rules, regulations and standards the UK must comply with in order to trade with the rest of the EU.

It is absolutely imperative that we support this campaign, in order to quicken up the implementation of a European Fair Transport policy, which can be used as leverage during the Brexit negotiations to force the UK government to comply and respect the provisions of the policy, in return for access to the European Transport Market.

Take action for fair transport 

Fair Transport Europe - we need your support

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