TGI Fridays Fair tips hero to zero

On 6 January 2018 TGI Fridays waiters were given just two days’ notice that they would be losing 40 per cent of their card tips from 8 January. The decision to take their tips and redistribute them to kitchen staff, without proper warning or consultation has caused widespread anxiety.

This ‘redistribution’ of tips has nothing to do with ‘fairness’ as TGI Fridays is keen to make out. The reason given by the operations director,who made this decision, is that it will address staff turnover in the kitchen which is currently much higher than it is among waiting staff. 

It’s about saving money at the expense of its lowest paid staff. It’s about using customer tips to subsidise kitchen staff wages, instead of giving them a wage increase.  It’s a tip robbing policy and needs to stop.

To make matters worse the company is now refusing to hear a collective grievance about the change, submitted by workers at over 40 TGI outlets - this is outrageous!

Please sign and share our letter to TGI Fridays' CEO Karen Forrester urging her to stop the discriminatory ‘tip robbing’ policy and listen to staff. We will then send it to her.