Fair pay fortnight - 24 March - 6 April 2014

Fair pay fortnight - Britain needs a pay rise

Working people in the UK are being squeezed like never before. Wages are worth less today than they were in 2008. But living costs keep rising. We're paying more to eat and heat our homes and the cost of housing is soaring but pay simply isn't keeping pace.

Fair pay fortnight has ended but the fight for fair pay hasn't. Next stop, London, Saturday 18 October for a mass demonstration - we're marching because Britain needs a pay rise banner.

18 October: Save the date - check back for update. Take 3 actions to help us spread the word

Take action NOW - get involved in 3 actions

1. Share your story - help raise awareness of Britain's cost of living crisis. Tell us what you would do with fairer pay.

2. Download one of the posters on the right, or write your own message, and send us a snap of you and your colleagues holding up your fair pay message.

3. Sign the petition - Tell Cameron, Clegg and Miliband that Britain needs a pay rise


You can help raise awareness of Britain’s living standards crisis by telling us what fair pay would mean for you and your family. Simply fill in your details and share your stories with us.