Waiters' Day Protests- Join us 21 May

Waiters Day protests - Join us 21 May

Thursday 21 May 2015 at 12:00-17:00

Take poverty pay and zero-hours contracts off the menu. Give waiting staff a better deal. 

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1. 12 Midday - Pinchers Express - Give Us Our Dough! Scrap the 8% admin charge on tips:

Protest at Pizza Express' flagship restaurant in Leicester Square. 43 Charing Cross Road, Leicester Square, WC2H 0AP

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Protest Two:

2. 4pm No Race to the Bottom - End Zero Hours Protest at Grosvenor House Marriott Hotel, 86 Park Lane, W1K7TN 

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May 21 is National Waiters Day - it was launched by the hospitality industry to encourage more people to consider waiting tables as a serious career choice. They've even organised a Waiters' race in Hyde Park.

BUT what the industry isn't tackling are the poor conditions and poverty wages that have left waiting tables top of the list of the UK's worst paid jobs.

Waiting staff are the worst paid workers in the UK - 85% are paid less than the living wage! 

That's why we're reclaiming the day to stand up and speak out for 

  • decent pay
  • guaranteed hours
  • fair tips

Join us!

National waiters' day - no race to the bottom