Unite policy conference 2014

Unite policy conference 2014

Monday 30 June 2014 - Friday 04 July 2014 at 08:00-20:00

Arena Convention Centre, Liverpool

The Unite policy conference meets every other year. This is when Unite members, nominated by their fellow members, are brought together to make the policy of the union. This year, the Unite policy conference was held in Liverpool from 30 June to 4 July. 

Conference proceedings

Progress of business

Watch Len McCluskey's keynote address or read Len McCluskey's keynote address

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Unite’s policies

The policies agreed at 2014 conference are contained in the summary of decisions booklet. These policies stay in place until they are specifically changed; they do not have to be agreed again at every conference. You can also download a copy of the Unite the union rule book (PDF) - the rule book applies to all members of the union, and represents the entirety of the rules applicable to members of the union. The rules cannot be changed at policy conference.

Policy conference videos