TUC Congress 2014

TUC Congress 2014

Sunday 07 September 2014 - Wednesday 10 September 2014 at 12:00-17:00

BT Convention Centre, Kings Dock, Liverpool, L3 4FP

The policy making body of the TUC is the annual congress which meets for four days each year during September. Each affiliated union can send delegates. At congress 'motions' are proposed and discussed and form the basis of the TUC's work for the next year. Further information will be available from the TUC website.

Details from the TUC

Britain needs a pay rise | 2014 is set to be a challenging year for working people and the trade union movement – rising prices, shrinking pay packets, and unemployment rates that are still far too high, especially for younger workers. The government looks increasingly out of touch with the concerns of ordinary people, ignoring the deepening living standards crisis that not only hurts families and communities, but in the long run damages the economy too. It is against this backdrop that the trade union movement will come together, in Liverpool in September this year, to debate, discuss and decide how we can take action and organise to defend the people we represent and set out a vision for a better way.
Download the motions and nominations for The 146th Annual Trades Union Congress 7–10 September 2014: Download TUC Congress 2014 - Preliminary Agenda [PDF]