TUC Congress 2013

TUC Congress 2013

Sunday 08 September 2013 - Wednesday 11 September 2013 at 08:00-18:00

Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth

The policy making body of the TUC is the annual congress which meets for four days each year during September. Each affiliated union can send delegates. At congress 'motions' are proposed and discussed and form the basis of the TUC's work for the next year. Further information will be available from the TUC website in due course.

Unite, the country’s largest union, will use the TUC conference to highlight the urgent need to mobilise working people against the adverse impact of the government’s austerity policies, and to formulate a blueprint for a revival in the UK’s economic and social structures for the benefit of hard-pressed communities.

Sunday 8 September

16:00: Unite general secretary Len McCluskey is expected to speak on the Unite motion ‘Trade unions: New rights, new freedoms’ which calls for a new legal settlement to provide new rights and freedoms for trade unions and people at work, and the restoration of wages to proper and decent levels. Read the press release here.

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey moving the first motion of TUC conference 2013 accused the Tory party of duping the public by blaming all the country's economic and social ills on trade unions.

Len McCluskey will speak at the launch of the manifesto by the Institute of Employment Rights (IER) for collective bargaining.

Monday 9 September

11.00: Morning photo opportunity at Bournemouth Square BH2 5LY where a 'pop up doomsday payday loan shop' will be set up to coincide with latest Unite figures on the amount people are borrowing to get through the month.

11:10: Unite’s motion ‘Retaining stakes in RBS and Lloyds’ which calls for reform of the banking system and opposition to any attempts to sell off the taxpayers’ stake in RBS and Lloyds, and campaign for these stakes to be used to support investment in the ‘real’ economy.

12.45: Unite and Daily Mirror fringe: Real Britain – battling austerity and the Con-Dem cuts at Bayview Suite 2, BIC. Chaired by Kevin Maguire, associate editor, Daily Mirror, Len McCluskey will be joined by Ros Wynne-Jones the Mirror’s Real Britain columnist and Real Britain campaigners Jack Monroe and Sophie Partridge.

14:15: Unite motion ‘Anti-austerity campaigning’ which calls for the reaffirmation that mass industrial action to oppose the cuts and the wrecking of the welfare state is a legitimate option, and that there should be a nationwide march against poverty and the other negative affects of government policy in 2014.

17:00: Unite fringe Banking for the Common Good: from Wonga World to bail outs, make the banks build a better Britain at Tregonwell Hall 2, BIC. Speakers include Carl Packman, author of Loan Sharks: The Rise and Rise of Payday Lending, Gail Cartmail Unite assistant general secretary and Alex Halligan, company secretary of the Salford Credit Union.

Tuesday 10 September

12.45: Unite fringe: Chile 40 – the birth of neo-liberalism at Bayview Suite 2, BIC. Chaired by Diana Holland, speakers include, Dr Francisco Dominguez, Chilean exile and now UK based Latin American expert, academic and activist, Richard Gott, author and journalist on Latin America, Steve Hart secretary of Chile Solidarity in the 1970s, and Maria Vasquez-Aguilar, chair of Chile 40 Years on Network.

12.45: Unite fringe: Unions and Communities: re-establishing the link at Tregonwell Hall 2, BIC. Speakers include Arnie Graf, US community organiser, Liane Groves, Unite head of community and Kelly Tomlinson, Unite community coordinator for the South East.
  • Unite contacts for the media at the TUC: Journalists seeking Unite representatives to interview  and/or for further information should contact Alex Flynn, Unite head of media and campaigns on 07967 665869 and/or Shaun Noble, senior communications officer, on 07768 693940.