London Pride 2015

London Pride 2015

Saturday 27 June 2015 at 12:00-18:00

LGBT LogoThe Unite National LGBT committee and Executive Council invite you to join the Unite members demonstrating at London Pride this Saturday. 

Unite will be assembling from noon for the march in Section C (2): this is located at the junction of Blandford Street and Baker Street (equidistant between Baker Street and Marble Arch stations). Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, with their brass band, choir, NUM banners and supporters will form the first part of this section. Unite’s Betty’s Bus will be immediately behind at section C2.

The march will move off at 13:00 and it is expected that Unite will move off at 13:30. The parade goes down Baker Street, turns left into Oxford Street, then down Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus and on down to Trafalgar Square before ending in Whitehall where people may disperse.

Unite members attending Pride and walking with our section of the demo will be encouraged to wear 1980s theme style clothing to match with our Pride theme but this is of course optional!  

Please contact Siobhan Endean – national officer for equalities if you require any further information.


The Unite national LGBT committee would like to record its thanks to the Executive Council for the financial contribution to Pride this year which has demonstrated our Union’s commitment to the continued struggle for LGBT equality at work. We would like to record our thanks to the London and Eastern regional committee for the support that they have provided for Betty’s Bus. 

We would also like to record our thanks to Betty Gallagher who is organising Betty’s bus to lead the unite section of the Pride march. Unite members will walk with the bus carrying unite LGBT flags, stickers, rose petals and pride cards. Our aim is to reach out to a new audience of potential union members as well as to promote our LGBT networks to existing Unite members. The national LGBT committee has been increasingly disturbed by stories of isolation and distress suffered by LGBT people who have faced discrimination and hate crime, in particular suicides by young LGBT people. 

An important message was echoed through our Unite LGBT conference in March that our LGBT network is strong, we are organised and our members never have to tackle discrimination at work alone when they are a member of Unite and involved in the Unite LGBT network.

Contact Siobhan Endean – national officer for equalities - if you require any further information.