1 day without us

Celebrate the contribution of migrants to the UK

Monday 20 February 2017 at 08:00-23:00

Coinciding with UN World Day of Social Justice, 1 Day Without Us is a national day of action taking place on 20 February 2017. Take part and celebrate the contribution of migrants to the UK.  

“Let’s not forget what unites all of us:
"Anger at the government’s disgraceful treatment of refugees, who deserve safety and protection;
"Shame at the Tory attempts to use EU citizens already living and working here as a sort of negotiating card – they must have the right to remain;
"And a determination to resist the rise in racist attacks and invective which has blighted our society past-referendum.”
                                          Len McCluskey, Unite general secretary

One day without us ident 2

Take action

At 13:00 on 20 February #1DayWithoutUs wants all migrants and their supporters to take part in a unifying action. Why not link arms and/or hold up placards and then take photos and post them on social media using our hashtag #1DayWithoutUs. In advance take selfies individually before and after this action and post them with your personal messages of support using the #1DayWithoutUs hashtag.

We are millions.
Let us stand together and show it 
Let’s reject the politics of division and hatred 
Let’s make tomorrow better than today