1 day without us 2018

#1DayWithoutUs: Celebrating Migrants. Celebrating Migration

Saturday 17 February 2018 at 08:00-20:00

Join the national day of action 

Last year migrants and their supporters from across the UK took part in the first-ever national day of action to celebrate the contributions of migrants to British society. This year, on Saturday 17 February, #1DayWithoutUs will come out on the streets once again to celebrate the people of all nationalities and genders who have made the UK their home. Why not join then and arrange an event for  Saturday 17 February. 

Some things you can do on #1DayWithoutUs

Photograph yourselves and your migrant colleagues holding 1 Day Without Us placards or ‘ Proud to be a migrant/Proud to stand with migrants.’

Events are being planned across the country: Keep it simple if you’re just getting started.  Hold a demonstration or a rally with music/speakers/migrant testimonials in the city centre/your university campus/ or a public place. Link arms round a public building to show unity and solidarity.  Make sure you photograph it! Invite public figures and local politicians to attend.

Hold a party/communal meal/bake off/musical event with migrants in your communities

Set up ‘human libraries‘ in public places, where members of the public  can ‘take out’ a migrant speaker and ask them questions

Use social media to raise the profile of migrants in particular sectors.  Right now it is more critical than ever that the contribution of migrants to the NHS is acknowledged and celebrated. 

You may have your own suggestions, and #1DayWithoutUs welcomes them all, but whatever you do, try to time your event so that it coincides with the  TWO O’CLOCK UNIFYING ACTION.  At two o’clock we want you to photograph yourselves and post your pictures everywhere.   Let’s make our message heard up and down the country: