Unite statement on Cummins position on the EU referendum

UNITE the union welcomes the statement made today by engineering company Cummins concerning the huge potential damage to the manufacturing the UK vote to leave the EU in the coming referendum on the 23rd June.

Cummins, a large American company with many sites in the UK, clearly outlines the dangers of Britain leaving the European Union, along the same lines as President Obama spelled out last week. UNITE has hundreds of members across Cummins sites in the UK, and the company’s statement and the position of a large manufacturing company in the UK, once again, supporting a vote to remain in the European Union on June 23rd is one fully shared and supported by UNITE.

UNITE understands only too well the dangers that would be associated with a vote to leave the European Union and that it could plunge the UK manufacturing into uncertainty, placing future investment in this sector on serious doubt. UNITE is in no doubt that a leave vote could negatively impact UK manufacturing trade with the European Union.

In addition to the obvious issues surrounding investment and long term security of engineering and manufacturing in the UK, UNITE also clearly recognises that UK workers derive enormous benefits from EU social legislation that would immediately be lost –such as the right to four weeks paid leave, parental leave provisions, part time and temporary/agency worker protections, anti-discrimination legislation, rights to information and consultation at national and European level, and many others.  

Finally, UNITE understands and recognises the critical role that the European Union has played in securing peace in a continent that has historically been plagued with national and ethnic conflicts.

On this basis, although UNITE fully opposes the austerity and privatisation agenda that the EU has been following in recent years, on balance the union is absolutely clear in recommending its’ members to vote ‘Remain’ and to continue to push for change within a reformed European Union.