Britain needs a pay rise - 18 October, London

100,000+ marched for jobs, homes, health & hope

100,000 people from across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland marched on Saturday 18 October to demand a pay rise for Britain. Unite led the way with a sea of red.We sent a strong message that tax cuts for the rich while hard working people are struggling to put food on the table is unacceptable.  Life for millions of people in austerity Britain is as bad as it’s ever been. Low pay, insecure jobs, rising costs and cuts to support for the most vulnerable is causing misery. Thanks to Mr Cameron's government only the rich are getting richer in Britain today. 

  • Watch Len McCluskey's speech below: 

The fight for fair pay for everyone - not just the top 1% - will continue right up to the next general election.

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#18Oct - is a day to remember

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