Why the Great Repeal Act should worry workers

Brexit puzzlePrime minister Theresa May says a “Great Repeal Bill” will be introduced in parliament in 2017 in order to repeal the European Communities Act and incorporate European Union laws into British law on the day of exit from the EU.

This does not mean that all those EU laws will remain enshrined in UK law. Parliament will scrutinise each of them and can decide to keep, amend, appeal or improve them.

This means that many of the laws that protect Unite member’s jobs, employment rights and health and safety at work could be vulnerable to being undermined, eroded or scrapped by a majority Conservative government, with many Tory MPs considering EU protections for working people to be “red-tape”.

Britain’s vote to leave the EU was not a vote to give up hard-won employment rights and an end to a level playing field for workers and industry with the EU.

Unite believes it would be a betrayal of working people for any rights to be stripped from them by the Conservative government through a Great Repeal Act or any other method. We will work alongside the TUC and others to ensure that Brexit is not carried through at the expense of workers’ rights.