Brexit: Unite demands protections for you

Brexit puzzleUnite is determined that our members’ jobs, pay, employment rights and conditions are protected in a post-Brexit Britain. 

We have a number of key demands we are talking about to the politicians, employers, industry bodies and all those involved in the negotiations around Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. 

These include: 

  • A negotiated withdrawal that does not ignore the interests of Unite members

  • A “seat at the table” for trade unions, to ensure the voice of working people is consulted and heard

  • No triggering of Article 50 without a clear understanding of what will replace EU membership

  • No triggering of Article 50 until there has been full and thorough scrutiny of all the government’s proposals and parliament has voted on them

  • A commitment to retaining and extending employment rights

  • Continued tariff-free access to the single market for UK industry and employers

  • A new industrial strategy

  • Bilateral trade deals include clear protections and exemptions including no tariffs and enshrined employment rights

  • Tough trade defence mechanisms to prevent “dumping” of substandard goods, such as Chinese steel

  • The right of EU nationals and other migrant workers who live and work in the UK to continue to do so

In addition Unite is calling on the government to:
  • Abandon austerity in favour of direct investment in industry and manufacturing

  • Support infrastructure through large scale, job-creating projects

  • Invest in procurement by creating a strong internal market for UK products, including through public sector procurement

  • Stop the anti-immigrant rhetoric used by many ministers around and since the referendum, which has led to record increase in hate crimes