Brexit on our terms

Britain’s vote, in June 2016, to leave the European Union, was a momentous decision. 

Now, with all the talk of “Brexit means Brexit” and “hard Brexit” versus “soft Brexit”, there is much uncertainty about what Britain leaving the EU will mean for our economy, industries and jobs. 

We’re already feeling the effects of that uncertainty, with the pound hitting record lows against the dollar and the euro, the cost of living rising and some major multi-national manufacturers talking about holding back on new investment, or charging more for their goods.

What is certain is the consequences of Brexit for the jobs and living standards of Unite members and their families cannot be underestimated. 

Months after the Brexit vote, no one yet knows how long the negotiations around withdrawing from the EU will take, what the government’s strategy is or what the outcome of the talks will be. That is why Unite is determined to defend our members’ jobs, pay, employment rights and conditions in order to secure a future for them and their families in post-Brexit Britain.

Government and employers must not be allowed to use Brexit as an excuse for cutting jobs, moving work away from the UK or attacking workers’ rights. 

It is vital, as part of that campaign, that members have all the information they need to be able to understand the debate around Brexit and to help Unite ensure that the voice of working people is heard and listened to. Leaving the EU must be done on their terms, not on those of the politicians. 

We want to provide you with key facts and information about Brexit and to set out the union’s priorities for ensuring that decent, well paid and secure jobs are protected.

We will be updating these pages as the government’s approach to taking the UK out of the EU becomes clearer and as Unite’s campaigning work with politicians, employers and members develops.

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