Alliance Boots & the tax gap

Alliance Boots has lowered its UK tax bill by over £1 billion since 2007, even while roughly 40 per cent of its global revenues come from the UK taxpayer. Alliance Boots & the tax gap identAnd now the company is in the headlines as in August 2014 it was snapped up by Walgreens which plans to acquire the remaining 55 per cent stake it dos not own. 

But while the UK recovery fails to trickle down to workers who continues to struggle and the public suffers cuts to vital services, there must be more than half measures to regain the funds lost to corporate tax avoidance and aggressive planning measures. The UK government should require companies like Alliance Boots to disclose more information about the locations of their profits and tax bills. It should also place more effective limits on financing arrangements largely designed to avoid taxes.

Unite, working with Change to Win and War on Want, has focused on Alliance Boots as one example of a company that should not be shirking its responsibilities.

Download the detailed report on the case for case for corporate tax reform and then contact your MP and ask them to call on Alliance Boots to pay its fair share of tax.
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Alliance Boots & the tax gap

Unite, Change to Win and War on Want are calling for five key steps to be taken:
  • ■ Alliance Boots must disclose its key tax and financial information
  • ■ HMRC must investigate Alliance Boots' tax practices
  • ■ Modernisation of taxation of private equity-backed business
  • ■ Implementation of registers of beneficial ownership and reform of financial and taxation regulations in British Overseas Territories
  • ■ Implementation of measures for greater transparency and accountability in public contractor relationships

It’s time to tell Alliance Boots to stop stuffing its pockets and pay out its loot - #PayUpBoots

Alliance Boots - what could have been funded