68 is too late

The coalition government plans to push back the state pension age to at least 68. Watch the video and see why 68 is too late...

68 is too late. This will mean the UK has the highest state pension age in Europe and the government is even planning further increases. The formula for further increases outlined in the government’s 2012 Queens’ speech will mean children being born now will have to work until at least 77 or more.  Although medical advances mean we are living longer, healthy life expectancy is increasing more slowly. As the pension age goes up the amount of healthy time spent in retirement will go down.

Increasing the state pension age will mean an extra 1.2 million older people being forced to stay in the workforce. There are more than one million young people unemployed. Forcing people to work longer will tie down millions of jobs, stunting the employment market and preventing the transfer of skills to the next generation. 

Unite does not believe that people should be forced to work until they drop. That is why Britain’s biggest union has joined the NUT and PCS to launch the ’68 is too late’ campaign.

Find out more on the 68 is too late campaign page and to send an email to David Cameron telling him that 68 is too late to retire. Go: